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The Scout Guide Denver | Vol. 9

This summer we sat down with a few of the top interior designers in Denver to find out the best design trends for 2022:

The mission of The Scout Guide is to support and highlight excellent independently owned businesses within their communities.

"Given the past few years and what we've all gone through, some good times and some bad times, homes are where we all feel most comfortable. Creating a space/room/home that reflects your personality will still be a focus in the coming year. This can look like almost anything! Seeing a lot of blending of styles.

For some though, a specific style is all they want as it makes them feel clear-minded and optimistic. A majority of clients prefer the multi-style home which is a blend of old, new, familiar, fresh, comfortable, relaxing, you name it. Incorporating pops of color into natural elements with neutral tones. Hues of blue are still very on-trend as well! The blue color family really blends well with all neutral and earth tone color palettes."


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