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Canvas Rebels: Meet Courtney of LuSi Design

The team at CanvasRebel was lucky to catch up with Courtney Wells and hear about how her resilient spirit helped her pursue her design dreams.

Meet CanvasRebel of Denver:

Small business owners, artists and creatives in our communities are brilliant and deserve more coverage, more platforms and more opportunities to share their stories and insights.

The team at CanvaRebel is excited to play a small role in getting those insights out into the world through their CanvasRebel features.

Courtney, thanks for taking the time to share your stories with us today

Let’s kick things off with your mission – what is it and what’s the story

behind why it’s your mission?

Born and raised in Minnesota, my grandfather co-founded a commercial interior design

business in the 60’s that is still running strong today. Growing up amongst fabric samples

and color palettes not found in any Crayola box, it was my childhood exposure to creativity

that continues to nourish my love of design today and feed my mission – “Love how you live +

Love where you work”.

While my enthusiasm for design was very much etched on my soul at a young age, I

continually longed for first hand involvement with anything and everything industry related.

With years of experience in San Francisco as a designer in both corporate and small business, I came to realize that the launch of my own interior design company would fill my heart and make my professional dreams come true.

Landing in Colorado after living and falling in love in the City by the Bay, our young family

happily traded the coastal city life for an easier Denver lifestyle. What’s not to love about

bigger spaces, plenty of mountain places to enjoy, and an abundance of family and friends?!

It is here where our roots are firmly growing.

With my two daughters as the inspiration behind the name of my business, Lucia and Siena

continue to show me the value of looking at everything with imaginative vision. While they

may not follow in my footsteps at Iowa State or move west to San Francisco, I can always

marvel at the idea that one day they could be the visionaries behind LuSi Design.

Working within the design community in Denver is incredibly inspiring and rewarding. I

frequently remind myself how fortunate I am to be collaborating with not only fantastic

clients, but a stellar roster of retailers, vendors and showrooms. Collectively, they continue to

support LuSi Design, all while I continue to thrive at the opportunity to transform houses into

homes, and office spaces into places employees love to work.

Here’s to blank spaces and new beginnings!


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