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Designer Showhouse 2020 by Denver Life Magazine

The 2020 Denver Life Magazine Designer Showhouse, marries modern and traditional to create an elegant but family functional, custom-built home in one of Denver’s most popular neighborhoods.

Vision for the space:

“My vision for this room is a marriage of function and style. Many of us dread doing laundry, so creating an oasis that is enjoyable to work in is important.

Amazing tile, natural light, soft accent lighting,

and plenty of storage make this room pretty and pleasing to the eye. Designing this space is not only important for what you see and touch and feel within the room, but also from the viewpoint from the main stairwell. My goal is to create a room that you don’t want to shut the door to, but instead are proud to leave open and share with the home’s adjoining spaces.

What makes it unique:

Just as in real estate, the laundry room is all about location, location, location. On the second floor, this room is easily accessible for an active Colorado family. A sink is key in any laundry room, and the high-end washer and dryer units within the design layout make the space highly functional. With the open shelving, the room feels less utilitarian and more welcoming. When you walk in this room, you don’t feel like you are in a sea of laundry.

Thoughts on giving back:

This is my second year being part of this creative community of designers and it’s truly an honor and a privilege. Giving back to Habitat for Humanity of Metro Denver brings me so much joy and channeling that energy into the space to share with others is such a pleasure. Seeing the rooms transform and come to life is so refreshing and inspiring. I hope everyone has the opportunity to tour this spectacular home and donate to such a wonderful organization.”

- Courtney Wells, Lusi Design


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