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Designer Showhouse 2021 w/ Denver Life Magazine

A Collaborative Project featuring Denver's Top Interior Designers

In this year’s Designer Showhouse, the talents of 13 local interior design teams and various vendors highlight the latest trends and styles, while maintaining a cohesive flow. The Designer Showhouse project was started in 2013, and has raised nearly $420,000 for its charitable partners.

In this year's showhouse, Courtney collaborated with fellow Denver designer, A.I. Interiors, and created a little girl's room design that became a playful, colorful haven to spark joy and fuel the fires of imagination.

Each color was chosen with the intention of fostering a sense of playfulness and wonder. Whimsical patterns of wallpaper adorned the room, turning every wall into a portal to a magical realm.

To maintain the enchanting atmosphere without sacrificing practicality, clever storage solutions were integrated seamlessly into the design. From colorful bins to themed shelving units, every item found its designated place, encouraging any little ones to keep their magical kingdom organized.

This little girl's room became more than just a bedroom, it became a vessel for dreams and a sanctuary of joy. With the right touch of creativity, color, and a sprinkle of magic, any room can be transformed into a place where childhood dreams come to life.

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