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Meet Courtney Wells of LuSi Design in Bonnie Brae

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Read Courtney's full interview here on how she got into design and what inspires her most in her career:

Thanks for sharing your story with us Courtney. Tell us your background and how it all started!

Born and raised in Minnesota, my grandfather was a founding partner of a commercial interior design business in the 60’s that is still running strong today. Growing up amongst fabric samples and color palettes not found in any Crayola box, it was my childhood exposure to creativity that continues to nourish my love of design today. While my enthusiasm for design was very much etched on my soul at a young age, I continually longed for first hand involvement with anything and everything industry related. With years of experience in San Francisco as a designer in both corporate and small business, I came to realize that the launch of my own interior design company would fill my heart and make my professional dreams come true. Landing in Colorado after living and falling in love in the City by the Bay, our young family happily traded the coastal city life for an easier Denver lifestyle. What’s not to love about bigger spaces, plenty of mountain places to enjoy, and an abundance of family and friends?! It is here where our roots are firmly growing. With my two daughters as the inspiration behind the name of my business, Lucia and Siena continue to show me the value of looking at everything with imaginative vision. While they may not follow in my footsteps at Iowa State or move west to San Francisco, I can always marvel at the idea that one day they could be the visionaries behind LuSi Design. Working within the design community in Denver is incredibly inspiring and rewarding. I frequently remind myself how fortunate I am to be collaborating with not only fantastic clients but a stellar roster of retailers, vendors and showrooms. Collectively, they continue to support LuSi Design, all while I continue to thrive at the opportunity to transform houses into homes, and office spaces into places employees love to work. Here’s to blank spaces and new beginnings!

Great, so let’s dig a little deeper into the story – has it been an easy path overall and if not, what were the challenges you’ve had to overcome?

It hasn’t always been smooth, but the bumps are becoming much smaller. Starting a business has its ups and downs. I’ve discovered that it’s the support you have around you that makes the challenging times so much easier to navigate. I believe in asking as many questions as possible and not ever being ashamed to ask the same question twice, or even three times! And take notes, lots of notes! You will no doubt, come across the same situation more than once. My philosophy is to take it one thing, one task, and one day at a time. I do try to prepare for my week ahead or look at a month in advance so that when I head into a busy season filled with client meetings, deadlines, social events, and family outings, I’m prepared and, more importantly, can truly enjoy the moment. It can be stressful managing it all, but this is, without a doubt, precisely what I’m supposed to be doing. It is a gift that I’m running my own business, and I am so blessed with wonderful clients.

Please tell us about your work.

I’m an interior designer at heart. I primarily work with residential spaces, but I do dabble in commercial work, which I love and enjoy just as much! I am known for my ability to incorporate the client’s style and vision, all while pushing them just a bit out of their comfort zone so they can see a new twist to a familiar design style. I’m a product of that push, as I had to step out of my own comfort zone when I pursued my dream of being an interior designer. Leaving a corporate job to experience interior design and work for a small business was my first proud moment. Then, taking the next step and starting my own business was the second proudest moment. I knew it would work, I just didn’t know how well it would turn out. Surrounded by believers, I have found the support of family and friends is what gave me the confidence to just go for it. I’m a positive thinker and doer, which I believe sets me apart from others. We all have our own way of designing spaces, but for me, I love working with really kind, positive, and easy going clients. This is supposed to be such a fun experience – decorating your space – and if you can enjoy the ride, so will I! If it becomes stressful (which it can), I just work through the emotions and remember that I am fortunate to be doing this work. A lot of people would love to be in my shoes (and in these rooms)!


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