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Denver Life Magazine: Designer Showhouse Oct 2019


Courtney of Lusi Design designed the little girl's bedroom and guest powder bath, see a preview below:

“It’s such an honor to be included in this talented group of designers,” says Courtney Wells of LuSi Design. I could barely sleep after I was asked to be a designer for the 2019 Showhouse. Honestly, there’s something in every room I really enjoy."

The cohesiveness of the design is the result of an impressive team of designers willing to collaborate while also expressing their individual visions for the space. It’s a collaboration that attracts great talent.

The vision:

After discovering a colorful wallpaper, I knew I had found my starting place for this little girl’s room,” says Wells. “Then I realized the print had a faint image of a butterfly. Butterflies symbolize so much for me; they remind me of my grandfather and my family. It all just came together so easily from that point on.

What makes the room special:

My philosophy was the brighter, the better,” says Wells. “I interviewed my 8-year-old about what would make a bedroom special. Seeing her eyes light up when I showed her the wallpaper and the butterfly art and all the other pieces really made me feel I was on the right path. For the bathroom, I decided to keep it simple, yet full of contrast. The color palette in the bathroom is black, soft whites, and the blue carried over from the bed room.”

The takeaway:

A high-low contrast of light and dark helps to create a sense of interest in a space, which is especially important in a kid’s room,” says Wells. “Here, I took a solid, dark upholstered bed and then carried that deep navy color throughout in small doses: in the art, lamps, and pom-poms on the drapes. I also incorporated it into the custom art."

When using a large-scale print, especially on such a large wall, remember to keep other pat terns in the space smaller and complementary. Different textural characteristics also add visual interest and present the unexpected. Of course, fur adds softness to any space, but you can also layer a textured blanket on a bed, pop in some ac cent pillows, bring in woven baskets, or even put out a few stuffed animal friends."


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